The Best Mattress for Obese or Overweight Sleepers


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matelas pour personnes obèses | Mattress for Obese

Guide: The Best Mattress for Obese or Overweight Sleepers

As with a wide range of everyday products such as clothing, obese or overweight people often have difficulty finding items adapted to their build and this is particularly true with mattresses. Furthermore, when we are obese and we sleep on a mattress that isn’t adapted to our weight, not only is our sleep disturbed, we are also faced with other risks, such as back problems.

Nevertheless, as obesity touches many people, there is a wide variety of mattresses perfectly adapted for overweight persons. They can therefore enjoy the benefits of a quality mattress and an optimal sleeping comfort.

Choosing a mattress isn’t a simple task, finding the right type of mattress that is best suited for a heavy-built person can be quite puzzling if we don’t know where to start.

In this guide, La Fabrique de Matelas and their team of sleep experts will provide you with the necessary knowledge to get the best possible sleep and especially, to improve the physical health of overweight sleepers.

What Is the Selection Criteria to Use When Purchasing a Mattress for Heavy-Built People?

In regard to mattresses, overweight sleepers have different needs than average weight sleepers. Firmness level, additional support and refreshing properties are criteria to consider when choosing the best mattress for a heavy-built person.

Mattress Firmness and Density

If you are a heavy-built person, you are probably concerned about sinking into your mattress or that it collapses after only a few months. By choosing a mattress adapted to your body, you will benefit from a better support and an extended durability. A mattress that is too firm will not conform to the shape of your body and you might feel pain or develop pressure points. However, a mattress that is too soft will not offer the support needed to meet your needs. That’s why it’s important to choose a mattress that offers the right firmness level to perfectly support your body.

Freshness and Breathability

Strongly built persons are often hot during the night. Buying a mattress that offers refreshing properties during the night allows heavily built sleepers to be more comfortable and to have a better night’s sleep.

What Type of Mattress to Choose for Heavy-Built Sleepers?

By analyzing the numerous options available on the market, you could be faced with certain dilemmas: should you choose a mattress offering firmness and support, but that isn’t recommended due to its heat-retaining properties, or a mattress offering comfort, but not enough support?

Let’s look at the different options available and determine how to choose a mattress suited to meet the comfort needs of a heavy-built or an overweight sleeper.

Pocket Coil Mattresses

Offering both firmness and softness, pocket coil mattresses partially meet the needs of overweight people. However, despite their popularity, care must be taken when choosing this type of mattress since certain coils aren’t able to offer the proper support for heavy-built sleepers, because certain coils lose their shape and support over time.

Latex Mattresses

Latex is definitely a popular choice among heavy sleepers due to its comfort level, unmatched support and durability. Among its many benefits, latex mattress can isolate movements and relieve pressure points. In addition, they return to their proper shape quickly.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses, despite their comfort level, are not recommended for obese or overweight sleepers. They do not offer the proper support for obese or overweight people, and they are also made of material known for its heat-retaining properties. They aren’t an option to proscribe, but users should take precautions to make sure the mattress they purchase is breathable.

Hybrid Mattresses

Did you know that pocket coil mattresses are hybrids? Combining several technologies in addition to their pocket coils, hybrid mattresses offer numerous foam layers, each with distinct features. Customizable models, such as those offering our Switchfoam™ technology, can be perfectly adapted to meet the needs of all types of sleepers, even overweight sleepers.

Switchfoam™: The Best Mattress for Obese or Heavy-Built Sleepers

Do you prefer coils, foam, gel or latex? No matter what your sleep preferences or your body aches, La Fabrique de Matelas allows you to conceive your mattress according to your needs, by taking into consideration the features that apply to your body type. By conceiving your 100% customizable mattress, you can easily choose the ideal comfort level from thousands of interchangeable foam combinations. Also, if over time, your comfort level and your sleeping habits change and evolve, there is no need to change your mattress. All you will need to change is the foam.

Why should you have to make compromises by choosing a mattress that partially meets your needs or your desired comfort level, when you can conceive a mattress that will perfectly meet your needs and your sleeping preferences?

Find out more about Switchfoam™

Having a mattress that is entirely adapted to your sleeping habits and your body is essential for a good night’s sleep. Do you need help finding the right type of mattress for an obese or overweight person? Contact us and one of our experts will guide you throughout your selection process.