• 100% customizable

    SWITHCHFOAMTM technology will allow you to buy your last mattress for life. This mattress, with its innovative technology, will ensure that you get a mattress that is perfectly adapted to you and will evolve over the years. This way, you will save money and have the certainty of always sleeping well.

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  • Springs


    A mattress with individually pocketed springs eliminates your partner’s movements, movements that disturb your sleep. Using high quality foams, La Fabrique de Matelas hybrid mattresses offer you the best design on the market.

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  • Sofa-bed


    Very high density foam mattress of 4 inches with a padding offering a more enveloping comfort. Non-reversible. The most comfortable sofa bed mattress.

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  • Custom-made (RV, boat...)

    Custom-made (RV, boat...)

    Very high density foam mattresses with and/or without upholstery, reversible or not. We manufacture them according to your standards and requirements. No matter the shape and/or size.

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Fast delivery

With our fast and efficient delivery service, you’ll be sleeping on your new mattress within 10 business days of purchase.

Personalized service

Everyone has unique needs.  Our well-trained consultants will create a mattress that is 100% adapted to you.  The importance of your sleep is at the heart of our priorities.  You can count on a warm welcome that continues through to delivery to your bedroom.  The satisfaction of our customers is paramount.

Competitive prices

Why pay more?  You save money by dealing directly with the manufacturer.  Without intermediaries and without surcharges, save by buying from a Quebec manufacturer.