What are the advantages of an adjustable bed (electric bed)?


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Lit ajustable et lit électrique


  • Increasingly popular and more affordable than we think, adjustable beds are perfect for everyone, not just older adults or people with limited mobility
  • There are many models available, each one made with a variety of adjustable parts. This means that adjustable beds can accommodate any sleeping position
  • Adjustable beds offer great health benefits: better sleep quality, improved blood circulation, back pain relief and prevention…
  • Not all mattresses are designed to fit an adjustable bed frame
  • For optimal comfort and support, combine your adjustable bed frame with a 100% customized Switchfoam™️ mattress

Adjustable Bed: Definition

Adjustable beds, electric beds, power beds, adjustable bed frames. If you think these beds are only for hospitals or hotels, think again! You can now enjoy optimal support from the comfort of your own bedroom. Adjustable beds are not a new phenomenon to be sure, but today’s technology has helped to transform them and make them more accessible. You don’t need to have an electric bed that looks like it belongs in a hospital. Instead, you can have a luxurious and customizable bed frame that blends in perfectly with any decor.

Equipped with motors, these beds have one or more sections that can tilt to accommodate any sleeping or relaxing position. At the push of a button, you can raise or lower the headrest, body, legs, or feet depending on the selected model.

Difference Between a Medical Bed and an Adjustable Bed

While a medical bed is prescribed by a doctor and generally covered by health insurance, adjustable beds are readily available over the counter and are generally not covered by insurance programs.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed:

Prevents and Relieves Back Pain

  • Lower Back pain: elevate the headrest about 45 degrees to relieve compression and reduce soreness
  • Upper back and neck: lift the headrest slightly and avoid using multiple pillows
  • Generalized back pain: try the zero-gravity position that elevates the legs and the head to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and body

Reduces Snoring

By slightly lifting your head by at least 25 degrees, your airways remain open, allowing you to breathe better and snore less.

Promotes Better Blood Circulation

With an adjustable bed frame, you can accurately adjust your sleeping position to reduce pressure and improve your blood and oxygen circulation.

Improves Digestion

Sleeping flat usually slows down your body’s ability to properly digest food. With an adjustable bed, we recommend raising your head slightly while sleeping on your left side. This is the optimal digestive position. In addition to improving your digestion, electric beds also help you to:

  • Reduce acid reflux
  • Avoid heartburn
  • Maintain your weight

Other Benefits:

  • Promotes restful sleep and helps treat insomnia
  • Relieves symptoms linked to nasal congestion
  • Helps relieve pain associated with arthritis
  • Reduces symptoms of restless leg syndrome (RLS)
  • Reduces swelling in legs and other parts of the body
  • Accommodates optimal positions for pregnant women

Who can benefit from an adjustable bed?

While the popular idea is that adjustable beds are reserved for older adults and people with limited mobility, we have a different opinion: Everyone can benefit from adjustable beds. Not only are they known to relieve chronic pain and improve blood circulation, but they also offer unparalleled support and comfort, promote restful nights of sleep, and help prevent potential health problems. While they are recommended for people dealing with existing health issues, electric beds are also perfect for those of us who just want a good night’s sleep.

What type of mattress should I choose for an adjustable bed frame?

If you’re shopping for a mattress that will fit an adjustable bed frame, most department store representatives will recommend a memory foam mattress. However, while it’s true that not all mattresses are suitable for an electric bed, any type of mattress can be adapted to an adjustable frame during the design stage. This means that your choices will certainly be more limited at department stores where only pre-designed models are sold. Because we manufacture our own mattresses here at La Fabrique de Matelas in Granby, Quebec, all our models can be adapted to fit an adjustable bed frame. Whether you prefer a pocket spring, latex, or memory foam mattress, together we will design your mattress so that it perfectly meets your needs and the constraints of an adjustable bed.

Switchfoam™️ Plus an Adjustable Bed Frame: The Best Combination on the Canadian Market

For optimal comfort and support no matter your sleeping position, consider combining your adjustable bed frame with a 100% customizable mattress. Whatever your sleep preferences or chronic pain may be, here at La Fabrique de Matelas we have a custom mattress for you! With the help of our Switchfoam™️ technology, you can design and choose the perfect mattress from our thousands of interchangeable foam combinations. Also, if your needs change over time, you won’t have to change your mattress, just the foam.

Sleep has never felt so good!

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