The Best Orthopedic Mattress


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The Best Orthopedic Mattress

Summary of article

  • Orthopedic mattress: Relieve sensitive areas while offering great support and optimal comfort.
  • They offer many benefits: Back support, improved circulation, proper weight distribution, increased comfort…
  • Ideal for people suffering from chronic pain or certain physical handicaps, seniors or sleepers who simply want a mattress that offers maximum comfort.
  • There are several types of orthopedic mattresses: Latex, foam memory, pocket coils, 100% customizable…
  • Switchfoam™ orthopedic mattress and adjustable bed: the best combination for restful sleep

What is an orthopedic mattress (ergonomic mattress)?

An orthopedic mattress is a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm and it is specially designed to relieve and support common chronic pain areas. This type of mattress also ensures support and comfort perfectly adapted to various sleeping positions.

What is the difference between a medical mattress and an orthopedic mattress?

A medical mattress is prescribed by a doctor and is usually covered by health insurance, whereas an orthopedic mattress is sold without a prescription and is usually not covered by insurance programs.

Why choose an ergonomic mattress?

  • Optimal support of the spine, reducing pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hips…
  • Proper weight distribution thanks to optimal support that avoids pressure points.
  • Improved blood circulation since the body is better supported and the weight is better distributed on the whole surface.
  • Maximum comfort that allows you to sleep deeply and to enjoy a restful sleep.
  • A high quality mattress means increased longevity.
  • A mattress offering sensation of coolness or refreshing features.

Who are orthopedic mattresses for?

Contrarily to what we might think, this type of mattress is not only for elderly people. Sleeping on an orthopedic mattress is strongly suggested for people suffering from cervical, dorsal or lumbar chronic pain. Orthopedic mattresses relieve sleepers suffering from lower back pain, sciatica or hernias. Furthermore, even if this type of mattress is often recommended for people with a history of back pain, it is possible to choose an orthopedic mattress as a preventive measure or simply because you prioritize incomparable comfort. Also, because of its increased support and its unmatched comfort, it can be an excellent choice for people suffering from certain physical handicaps that force them to sleep in an uncomfortable position.

Types of orthopedic mattresses

Latex mattresses

Very popular for its durability, firmness, comfort and especially its elasticity, this type of mattress also offers proper support. In addition, the latex foam designed at La Fabrique de Matelas is hypoallergenic. Nevertheless, even if many people are under the false impression that its fibres promote a natural ventilation, this type of material will offer you a sensation of freshness at bedtime, but will quickly absorb heat.

Memory foam mattresses

Known for its comfort properties, memory foam (also known as visco-elastic foam) is usually perceived as very soft by those who try it. However, our unique manufacturing processes also enable us to add several firm layers for additional support. Furthermore, if memory foam mattresses are often considered to retain heat and to be less breathable, at La Fabrique de Matelas, we offer interesting alternatives. The memory foam mattresses designed in our plant breathe more since the foam isn’t glued. Also, the addition of gel infused foam increases the sensation of coolness and offers additional refreshing properties.

Hybrid mattresses

Combining several technologies, hybrid mattresses, such as pocket coil mattresses, offer several foam layers, each with distinct features in addition to their pocket coils. Our customizable mattresses, such as our Switchfoam™ technology mattresses, can be perfectly adapted to every need, can reduce your chronic pain and especially, they can offer you absolute comfort.

Switchfoam™: The best orthopedic mattress on the market in Quebec

No matter what your sleep preferences are or your body aches, La Fabrique de Matelas allows you to conceive your mattress according to your needs by taking into consideration the features that apply to your situation. En

By conceiving your 100% customizable mattress, you can choose and conceive the ideal comfort level from thousands of interchangeable foam combinations. Also, if over time, your comfort level, your needs or your sleeping habits change and evolve, there is no need to change your mattress. All you will need to change is the foam.

For optimal comfort and support regardless of your sleeping positions, consider combining your 100% customizable mattress with an adjustable bed, commonly known as an electric bed. Lumbar pain and lower back pain – all you need to do is lift up the end of the bed. Swelling, bad circulation and/or acid reflux – a simple adjustment of the head and the feet will improve your situation.

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